Where is the Ramona Trail?

So you like to hike, but some of these desert trails are too hot and too straight up that mountain for your enjoyment?  Take a short drive past El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert, 30 miles up Highway 74 to Ramona Trail.

It is easy enough to find, there is a sign on Highway 74 just past the Anza turn off and a large enough dirt parking lot at the trail head.

This trail takes you through the scrub bushes up to the pine trees and affords you a gorgeous view of the San Jacinto mountains, where you can picture the hikers coming from Palm Springs on their way up to Wellmans Divide from the Palm Springs Tramway.  Continuing on the Ramona Trail brings you to the top of Thomas Rd.  You will pass by some interesting sites; views of the San Jacinto Mountains and of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Along the way there is a peculiar spot with a faucet next to a stone foundation of some sort.

This is most enjoyable in cooler weather or early afternoon, there is no real end to this trail so you should determine the miles you want to stay on it before you head out and track it as you go.

So if you need a break from the Palm Desert heat but don’t want to go too far, be sure to head up the hill to a cool and beautiful hike.

What about La Paloma?

La Paloma is on the border of Cathedral City and Rancho Mirage.  It is a very nice community and  its schools include Sunny Sands Elementary and James Workman Middle School and Rancho Mirage High School, all in Palm Springs Unified School District.   There is also a new elementary school slated for next door to Rancho Mirage High School.  No news on when that will be started.

The homes were built in the early 2000’s by GHA Company.  La Paloma is surrounded by Indian land and, as of right now, there are no plans for building on this land.  There has been talk off and on about an onramp for Interstate 10 when this land does get developed out.  There is no real opinion whether or not this will actually built.

There is a $30 monthly charge by the City of Cathedral City for landscape maintenance.

About a block to the south is Century Park.  This park has basketball courts, a tennis court, and a baseball field.  In addition there are gazebos for picnic areas and playgrounds for the kids.

For homeowners wanting Rancho Mirage, but can’t quite afford the price bump, this is a great option.

5 Fun Things To Do at the Date Festival

The Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival is celebrating its 71st year this year.  The Date Festival runs from February 17-26, 2017.  Because it is located in Indio, there are plenty of other things to do if you have extra days.  Check out our event calendar for additional events.

But, while you are at the Festival in Indio, you might be wondering about what you should make a point to see and do.  Here is a short list of the hilights.

  1.  With the price of admission, a must stop is the Fantasy Springs Concert Pavilion.  This year headliners include, Cheap Trick, Eli Young Band, WAR, and Voz de Mando.  Be sure to check the schedule for the Date of the show you want to see.
  2. Monster Trucks, anyone?  I think every kid that ever grew up in theCoachella Valley has witnessed at least one Demo Derby or Monster Truck show.  It is a must see.  Pretty odd and impressive all at once.
  3. Speaking of odd and impressive, how about the Ostrich Races?  Find out what time they are running at the entrance so you don’t miss this.  Scheduling the must see’s might be your biggest challenge because the exhibits and events going on seem to be never ending.
  4. The nightly Musical Play “Envy and Enchanted Oasis” tells an intriguing tale of Kings and Queens and Royal families.  Fun to see and try to follow the storyline!
  5. You don’t want to miss the Train exhibit.  It is big and informative too.  This is another one that you want to find out the train talk times so you can get filled in with all the information they provide.

Honestly, there are way more than 5, like the carnival rides, or the camels, or the festival food, the dates, the shopping booths, the small circus, and so many other fun things to see and do.


ALERT: Wire Fraud at Closing

Systems for Success in Real EstateThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the National Association of REALTORS® have announced concerns over closing cost scams.

Here’s how the scam works: Hackers break into a consumer’s or real estate professional’s email account to search for upcoming real estate transactions and closing dates. Then, hackers pose as the agent or title officer and email you, the homebuyer, with a last-minute change to the wiring instructions. Should you as a homebuyer wire money to the account, you will lose the money and likely lose the home you have been waiting for due to a lack of funds.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t fall victim to this scam:

Ensure you have a united effort between agents, loan officers, closing attorneys and title officers to protect you from the dangers of this scam. Verify that changes to wiring instructions will not be requested by email.

Be alert. You should not follow instructions regarding closing funds solely from an email but when instructed to do so in person or by phone.

Do not conduct business over public Wi-Fi and be cautious about links that you click on. As a buyer, transaction information is a highly valuable target for scammers and hackers.

Use secure document technology such as DocuSign or zipLogix for sharing and signing any sensitive documents.

Remember, email is almost never a secure communication platform, so take precautions to protect yourself.

Sources: REALTOR® Magazine, FTC

Arnold Palmer Gets a Star

It was one of those moments on a crisp desert day, that you realize how old you are or, better yet, how fortunate you are to have a experienced the golf boom of the 80’s in the desert.  Arnold Palmer meant so much to this Valley, I feel like sometimes all of our past gets lost with this revitalization period we are experiencing.

When I moved here in 1983, there were still dirt roads that took you to new home developments in Cathedral City, there were huge swaths of desert meeting blue sky, and there was a bigger reason than golfing for our local golf course Country Clubs that date back that far.

There was the Bob Hope Classic.  And there was Arnold Palmer.

My sister, Judy Brown, was a waitress back in those days, working at Bermuda Dunes Country Club (the course that most often hosted the Bob Hope Classic) and also the Nest.  A frequent patron of both was Mr. Arnold Palmer.  When we talked at the end of the day about work, he was Arney, but to his face he was Mr. Palmer.

I asked my sister about her memories after I went to the unveiling of his star on Palm Canyon.  The event was short and sweet, but I don’t know….I just felt like the reason he means so much to us locals was lost.

They spoke about the 410th star and how he was a 5 time winner of the Bob Hope Classic and wise businessman.  But they missed the personal side, the one that desert locals like my sister remember of the gentle person, always kind and polite and generous – and memories like mine, remembering how huge the Classic was, how I went out and participated in hushed silence in the gallery when I was barely 20 years old because the celebrities and professional golfers were a sight to see and Arnold Palmer made every putt so  full of excitement.

Somedays, sometimes, 30 years ago and the golf scene of this valley seems so far away because it has never gained back the reputation it once had here in our valley and every day isn’t a possibility of seeing your favorite golfer in a restaurant in Indian Wells or store in Palm Desert anymore.  On those days, in those moments, we can just hold on and hope for a resurgence of interest in the game and a new tournament and new player that captures our hearts like the Bob Hope Classic and Arnold Palmer.


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